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Firefighting intervention


Firefighting robot can assist fire brigade in reducing heat, cooling pressure tanks, preventing the spread of large fire outbreaks, or completely extinguishing fires.

Designed for intervention and fighting fires in high risk and dangerous areas.

Part of the device is a type B flow line, which allows extinguishing in the maximum range of 1600 liters per minute. The streamer is fully adjustable in two axes and allows setting the type of stream.

Mraz3 robot is a modular robotic platform for many application areas.

Mraz3 FFI is set up followingly:

Upper module – Firefighting monitor with 3 servo motors to control monitor movement and water conus.

Lower module – Cooling unit to cool down whole device to increase device life ability in high temperature environment.

Mraz3 modules can be replaced for another modules in a minute.


List of application:

  • Firefighting in tunnels, buildings
  • Cooling of overheated materials
  • Intervention in toxic or overheated environment

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