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MRAZ3 robot performs difficult industrial tasks even in areas where people are not allowed. The robot is completely sealed and over pressured. Notifications are transmitted to any distance and to any platform. Operation can be even watched online by several users. All data is stored in the cloud, which means they are always accessible. It‘s the first robot in the world capable of autonomous measurements in marked area-based projects or point to point-based projects. MRAZ3 robot uses an artificial intelligence to navigate and postprocess measured data. Also, the robot is able to create its own map based on neural network video analysis.


Mraz3 helps in various areas of society.

Connect with MRAZ3

The experts for whom the solutions are intended, are directly involved in the development, so they are fully debugged and ready for immediate use.

GPR Measurements

Highly efficient measurement in 3D GPR area projects - parallel, orthogonal grids, suitable shapes, unlimited measurement time, measurement is fully autonomous.

Safety & Fire prevention

The robot significantly reducing the risk of firefighter injuries and equipment damage.


IDET 2023

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